Why We Need Habitat for Humanity

imagesHousing is in an international state of crisis. A full third of all city dwellers around the world reside in urban slums. Right here in the United States, one of the richest nations on the planet, almost 100 million people live in substandard housing, cannot afford the payments for adequate shelter, or are completely homeless.

Habitat for Humanity, a not-for-profit ecumenical ministry, focuses specifically on the issue of housing. Founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976, the organization has helped build or rehabilitate more than 600,000 units of affordable homes for those in need; today, it serves more than 3 million people internationally.

Decent housing is more than just shelter. It helps provide a sense of security and safety, stability for families, and, most importantly, a sense of hope for the future. Habitat for Humanity helps provide these things for its partner families, relying on volunteer labor and donations of both money and materials. With local projects coordinated by its affiliates across the nation, there are many ways to get involved. To investigate opportunities in your area, go to www.habitat.org/local.

About the author: A sales and business development professional, Anthony Sinisgalli is an active volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in his home state of Florida.


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