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The University of Florida’s Gator Clubs

The University of Florida’s Alumni Association works in affiliation with the school’s Gator Clubs, comprised of roughly 100 international groups. These organizations offer events for students, alumni, family, and friends, as well as scholarships for incoming students. They also provide meetings where members discuss school news and gatherings where members collectively watch school sports games.

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In order to give back to their local communities, Gator Clubs further conduct free seminars and community service initiatives. For individuals who start and run the clubs, the school offers Gator Clubs Leaders Weekends to encourage communication, development, and entertainment. All of these efforts combine to raise consciousness about the school, help graduates advance their careers, improve the standing of individuals and municipalities, and share a good time with members and their friends.

About the author: A skilled business professional, Mr. Anthony Sinisgalli earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Today, he serves as the Director of Business Development at HCA, Inc., in Jacksonville.